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With overwhelm, burnout and resignation increasing, it is critical we UPlift Women Working In Tech and hear their ideas to create the future workplace!

As part of the it@cork techfest 2022, 65 employees and leaders from across Ireland attended an in person dialogue to Uplift Women In Tech.

The Business School in Trinity College Dublin partnered on the dialogue research. Discover here all the findings and insights from the dialogue.

Highlights From The Dialogue

On May 24th, 65 people from 33 companies, as part of it@cork techfest, engaged in dialogue exploring what stops women in tech thrive in work and blocks fulfillment.

The numbers regarding women in tech are stark and showcasing that a new approach is needed to retain women in tech and attract those that have left back. Leaders are curious to try new approaches to uncover new ideas.

Safe Space

A safe and inclusive space was created where the women could voice the real issues and surface the hidden blind-spots holding them back. The process allowed for collective clarity on solutions that would have a real impact.

World Leading Organisations Joined Our Dialogue
Why The Need For Dialogue?

In this new world of work, with new demands in the hybrid workplace, a new approach is needed to support women navigate change.

Women from across different workplaces at every level joined us.

What Called Them And The Stats

Why The Need For Dialogue

Insights From The Dialogue

Top 5 Ideas

In each session, the participants broke into smaller groups, each table agreeing on their top 3 statements and voting on their top ideas for change. The need for truth telling was recognised as a means for change.

Here you can explore the ideas voted in the sessions


Culture an Issue


Inner Dialogue a Challenge


Lack of Confidence an Issue

Gary Keegan | CEO Uppercut

Michael Meagher | Chief Information Officer | Akkure Genomics

Snapshot Of The Dialogue Findings

A lack of truth telling and creating a space for open dialogue were identified as the path forward. Here you can explore the detail of the findings from the morning and afternoon dialogue sessions, with detail on the attendee profile and a snapshot of when attendees are thriving.

When Are You Fulfilled?

During lunch the participants walked the labyrinth, reflecting on their path and purpose. In the afternoon session, the group explored times when they are thriving and fulfilled. Inner Dialogue was considered a major obstacle and taking time to be in nature, do things that bring you into a state of presence.

Impact Of Our Dialogues

Our unique dialogue methods support attendees to take time to pause and have transformational insights. Our proven model builds trust, increases awareness, aligns teams & creates thriving workplace cultures.

Na Fu | Professor Business School | Trinity College Dublin

Stephanie Flack | Emea Strategic Finance Manager | Johnson Controls

Wish To Get Involved?

This dialogue series is for you, if you are a leader concerned with the challenges and limitations of the current work culture and would like to join a community of peers to ignite a new way.

Join our community and keep connected on the dialogue topics, sharing ideas on how to create a work culture where we all thrive.

A Community for Change

Participants engage in dialogues, well-being challenges and access a private online community powered by Workvivo. As part of the platform, participants are supported to sustain change with dedicated resources and well-being spaces, allowing participants to stay connected post dialogue.

Find Out More

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