Niamh Gunn
Niamh GunnChief Steward
Niamh Gunn is a social entrepreneur, lawyer and business thought leader. With over 20+ years of experience in leading global initiatives making the world a kinder place.
Joanna Dukkipati
Joanna DukkipatiCommunications Steward
Joanna Dukkipati is an enthusiastic gatherer of all things that raise kindness and positivity in our community. She believes in the strength of diversity. She is the founder of Good Day Cork.
Luke Murphy
Luke Murphy Digital Content Lead
Luke is a filmmaker who just finished his final year of a BA in Film and Media. Luke’s production company, Waking Dreams Media has worked with many businesses over last the two years to capture the essence of their brand.
Manasi Nadkarni
Manasi NadkarniResearch and Data Analyst Lead
Manasi is a student of Health Promotion at the University College Cork. With an undergraduate degree in microbiology and performing arts and a postgraduate degree in virology, she developed a passion for mental health promotion through the field of arts, especially dance.
Sarah Hogan
Sarah HoganIllustration
Sarah Hogan is a freelance doodler and lover of picture books and fun art. After running away from the corporate world, to stay at home with her 3 boys, she has held her first illustration exhibition “The Wild Ones” and is currently working on a number of creative projects.
Clare Dillon
Clare Dillon Facilitator
Clare Dillon was a key member of the Microsoft Ireland leadership Team for 8 years as Microsoft transformed from a software product to a cloud services organization. She is Passionate about the positive use of technology.
Michelle Maldonado
Michelle MaldonadoFacilitator
Michelle Maldonado is Founder & CEO of Lucenscia, a human potential and mindful business transformation firm dedicated to developing leaders and organizations with positive impact in the world.
Luci Williams
Luci WilliamsFacilitator
Composer, music therapist, and touring musician, formerly of Moby, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, who loves using the power of sound to light up the world.
Sam Williams
Sam WilliamsFacilitator
Songwriter, loop artist, and touring musician, formerly of Zach Deputy, who’s passionate about music’s power to inspire people to come together and create the world we dream of living in.