Igniting Change

Through Listening To Employees

How Could We Lead Through Listening?

The Leaders from the Environmental Health and Safety Function of PepsiCo embarked in the Dialogue process as the Global Leadership team were curious about how they could harness the collective intelligence of their people and work more effectively to address the issues they were experiencing as a function.

An Inclusive Space for Real Dialogue

100 employees and leaders from across the world engaged the dialogue process for their global summit. The Dialogue created this safe, inclusive space where the leadership could hear the true voice of the employees and surface hidden blind-spots that were holding the function back leading to clarity on solutions that would have real impact.

Cormac Gilligan | Senior Vice President of EHS Pepsico | Insights

The New Way of Working Reduced Incidents by 95% and saved $300M


Reduced Serious Incidents


Total Savings


Invested in Risk Safety Annually

Harnessing the Power of the Collective to Ignite Change

The summit was voted “the best summit ever” as the people felt heard and there was a real sense of belonging and shared ownership of the solutions. It led to real results. The global team improved effectiveness by 95% in 24 months, saving over $300 million and allowing the function to invest and pioneer artificial intelligence in road safety. Since then, PepsiCo has partnered with the United Nations.

Impact of the Dialogue Code

Cormac Gilligan | Impact | Savings

Tara O’Leary | Impact | The Power of the Collective

Cormac Gilligan | Impact | Co-creating Solutions

Real Change through Listening to the People

Within the Dialogue, Pepsico EHS worked on building a collective approach by first gathering the voice of the employees, then, based on the findings, igniting clarity in the leaders so as to reach a collective agreement on solutions.

The Dialogue process led the team from confusion to clarity, from a lack of cohesion to one single global strategy for the organisation.