the magic ingredients 

…. our formula 

we have travelled the world to create a magical mix of diverse facilitators. 

this allows us to create programmes which are thought provoking and have a long lasting impact.  

we partner with those that have done the inner work. we work with those that can speak from a real place of truth and experience. 

this is the bedrock of our in-house developed dialogue code formula. our outstanding/innovative work puts focus on supporting people to gain the freedom to reach their full potential.

our facilitators

we are an international team of artists, therapists, musicians, global leaders, lawyers, C-suite executives, sound therapists and well-being specialists. we weave different experiences where collaboration and heart is key.

what we offer

we are flexible and offer virtual, offsite, onsite training. our programmes, workshops and experiential events are bespoke  and cross-organisational. our Dialogue Code for Change Series is our core programme. We create powerful spaces for collaboration.

who we work with

we work with those who want to reach their full potential. our range of workshops, events and programmes are customised for people of all ages, from all types of workplaces and all leaders.

the benefits

inner clarity, space and silence are key ingredients to our formula. the code is a hands on inclusive process. it minimises agendas and ignites creativity, innovation, logical thinking, joined-up thinking, inclusive participation, inclusive decision making, clarity on priorities