A Holistic Approach to Building Trust and Increase Business

Cathriona Hallahan, Managing Director at Microsoft, wanted to empower her leadership team to reach their full potential and have real impact across the business. There was an appetite for change with a focus on growth mindset.

The Challenge - Unlock Empathy Driven Leaders

The challenge to transform the team, to one where trust and personal awareness were increased, so each of the leaders, could unlock a new type of leadership. Our challenge to explore if change on the inside, could have an influence and impact the bottom line?

Insights With Life-Changing Impact

The leadership team pioneered our 18 month leadership programme with creative and reflective practises leading to clarity on insights holding the leaders back both personally and as a team.

Trust Cultivated In the Team Increased New Business by 30%

Cathriona Hallahan | Niamh Gunn | Igniting Courage Reflection

Igniting Courage

Cathriona and Niamh discuss the work they have engaged in as part of The Dialogue Code during the last 8 years. An important theme was finding courage, speaking the truth and supporting each other in the loneliness of leadership.

Impact of the Dialogue Code

Cathriona Hallahan | 30% Growth in New Business

Karl O’Leary | Hear the True Voice of Employees

Karl O’Leary | Uncovering Your Most Honest Voice

Claire Dillon | Dialogue Impact

Michael Meagher | Dialogue Impact

Karl O’Leary | Dialogue Impact

Creating the Leadership for the New World of Work

Karl O'Leary, Business Group Leader within Microsoft Ireland, shares his insights on the Dialogue Code experience within our Truth Talks session.
There is no playbook for the new world of work, we have to create the roles, especially the leadership ones, and we can do it through dialogue within a supportive peer-to-peer community experiencing the same challenges. The dialogue process brings out your true self, surfaces unspoken issues and builds psychological safety for, fostering the courage to bring change within your team and within the community.

Cathriona Hallahan | “We Saw Growth”

Karl O’Leary I “I stepped into my true leadership”.

Collaborative Approach for Change

Convinced with the impact of empathy-driven leaders, Cathriona wished to inspire a collaborative approach across industry to address communal challenges. She became an advisor shaping and supporting the future of The Dialogue Code in building a community to ignite change.

Microsoft leaders have participated in our community dialogues for change-makers. Listen here and below to Cathriona and some of the leaders share insights from the dialogue.

Aideen Cardiff I Space to Connect

Tracey Martin I  True Empathy to Deal With Change

Eimear Michaels I Taking Ownership

Our Community Of Change - Makers