a space to belong

connecting in times of uncertainty

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be together lab

our be together lab is a global initiative to support our new way of living with covid-19. we support organisations and communities, have impactful dialogue and gather collective ideas in creative ways to understand complex issues. we create a sense of belonging and get clarity on ideas that matter.

how we will do it

we know we need change, together we can do it. we will host a series of virtual dialogues and an online be together campaign supporting leaders across workplaces and communities to get a true pulse of the collective ideas of what’s working, not working and igniting ideas that matter. we will host cross organisational and community dialogues, while also hosting dialogues for specific groups or workplaces.


we’ll gather the pulse of the people and leaders across workplaces and communities, in our Be Together Dialogue labs.


we’ll ignite leaders, communities and individuals to engage in our Be Together Creative Challenge.


we’ll share the ideas online and at our virtual events of what works, is not working, ideas for future. We will celebrate our moments of Courage, Community & Compassion during Covid-19.

campaign steps

Virtual Dialogues

As part of our Be Together campaign, we will host a series of virtual dialogues for different audiences. In the dialogues the top priority issues and solutions will emerge.

Be Together Challenge

The wider employee and community population can contribute and vote online on the top ideas from the dialogue.  People can also express their voice in creative ways. We will showcase the work online on our Gallery Wall and at our showcase events.

Collaboration Circles

The leaders will connect & share in our online community and check with their own teams and collaborate in creating solutions together.

who can get involved?

Everyone is invited to get involved. Individuals, communities, organisations, associations, groups across the world are invited to join our cross-organisational and community lab. We also work with an organisation or group if they wish to do a bespoke Be Together campaign for their workplace or community. Our Lab creates a sense of unity and cross-collaboration with diverse communities allowing the most vulnerable to be included.

be together dialogue series

We will host 4 workshops as part of our Be Together dialogue series. Each dialogue will be held virtually, run over 2.5 hours. Each dialogue will be experiential, interactive and hands on. Embodied wellbeing experiences will be included. At each stage, we will produce digital content, a data report and analysis of the top issues and the solutions.

What’s Working

An exploration of what is working, our realisations and the positives that have revealed during Covid-19.

What’s Not Working

An exploration of the critical issues and challenges. The top 5 themes will emerge.

Future Ideas

We will uncover the top solutions to the top issues.


we will showcase what has emerged from our events and the pulse of the people.

campaign intention

Create a sense of belonging & connection. Calm people’s anxiety levels.

Understand the real issues of the people, give clarity to leaders & synchronise thinking

Create a melting point for thought leaders create new ways to navigate these times & make meaningful change

be together anthem

we even have our own campaign anthem, be together, made with love with musicians from around the world, tune in here.

participants expected outcomes

  •       Feel more connected and less isolated
  •       Clarity on next steps
  •       Less burdened and anxious
  •       Part of a connected community
  •       Renewed sense of belonging
  •       Energised and renewed confidence
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