Tara O’ Leary
Tara O’ LearyGlobal Director EHS Pepsi Co Worldwide
Tara O’ Leary is Gobal EHS Director for PespiCo Gobal Operations. She is also an Environmental, Health & Safety Leader in the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Retail, Food and Beverages sectors.
Cathriona Hallahan
Cathriona HallahanChairperson, Non-Executive Director
Cathriona Hallahan is a Chairperson, Non-Executive Director for multiple Irish Companies, formerly she was Managing Director for Microsoft in Ireland, responsible for driving Microsoft’s commercial and consumer business on the island of Ireland.
Bill Liao
Bill LiaoPartner SOS, Founder of Coder Dojo
Bill Liao is an Australian entrepreneur. He is a venture partner with SOSV and recognised as one of the Top 100 minority ethnic leaders in technology by the Financial Times.
Gillian Bergin
Gillian BerginStrategic Director & Consultant, Dell Technologies
Gill has strong Operations, Leadership, Project Management and Communication skills, with over 20 years of business experience in both technical and non-technical roles. Currently, she is Chairperson at IT @ Cork
Gretta Crowley
Gretta CrowleyFormer HSE Operations
Gretta Scully (Crowley) is a chartered physiotherapist from Trinity College Dublin and has a Masters in Health Care Management from the IPA.
Tim O’Connor
Tim O’ConnorFormer Chairman of the Gathering
Tim runs his own advisory business. He worked in the Irish public service from 1972 to 2010, serving as Secretary General to the President, as Joint Secretary of the North/South Ministerial Council and Consul General of Ireland, New York.
Kingsley Aikins
Kingsley Aikins CEO, The Networking Institute
Kingsley is CEO of The Networking Institute that trains in the areas of Networking, Philanthropy and Diaspora. Previously he was CEO of The Ireland Funds based in Boston and, before that, he was the Sydney based representative of Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland.
Mark Barry
Mark BarryAccountant, Fitzgerald Accountants
Fitzgerald & Associates is a dynamic growing firm of Registered Auditors, Business Advisers and Accountants with offices in Cork and Dublin.